The Effects of Visiting Iris Global in Pemba, Mozambique

By Angela Soh, September 9 2017.

I had the opportunity to visit the Iris Global base in Pemba, Mozambique in July. I vividly remember the words of Will Hart who was our bus guide as we travelled back from the Iris University site after arrival. Be prepared to leave Mozambique broken; and I really left a broken person…

Here are 2 journal entries, one during the trip and one after.

July 23
I brought you here to one of the deepest darkest places to show you my people my children so that you will know that I love them too that they are worthy of my love. No matter where you go there will always be people who need me who don’t know me yet who are in pain and in suffering and are lost.
Are you willing to pay the price to bring my love to these places and to these people? How ready are you? How willing are you? How prepared are you?
I’m not prepared Lord it’s hard it’s scary and out if my comfort zone I’m struggling it’s not easy it’s hard I’ve struggled since being Here I get offended so easily I see the difficulties more than I see your hand at work.
I haven’t learned to be gentle to be humble to care to sacrifice to show love. What do I do God it’s hard. I admit it.
Take my hand and walk with me. Trust me to take you to the places that I want you to be at. I wanted you here to show you my sons and daughters who have given their lives for me great is their reward that I have prepared for them. They truly are laid down lovers. Will you be one too?
How Lord how? It’s scary. I have so many negative thoughts I am limited.
I know but I am unlimited.
Why do yo concern yourself with the cares of the world and what the world thinks? Care only about what I think and how I feel for you and about you.
Wha do you feel for me and feel about me Lord?
I feel your struggle I know it is hard but I have been by your side my sweet one my precious one. I’ve watched you go through everything and walked with you every step. It’s ok.
I love you so much my precious daughter I will always walk with you you can depend on me. I will show you. When you extend your hand I am extending mine too in yours. When you speak I speak through you. Know that.
Be who I’ve called you to be not someone else. Love those who I have placed on your life. Love them deeply they need you.
Really? What can I offer them?
My love and my goodness displayed thorough you.
Learn and observe in the remaining days I am still teaching you. You return home with new eyes with enhanced eyes to love to care.

Aug 21
I’ll go where you want me to go Lord
Even though I’m scared Lord
But I know you go with me Lord
And you hold my hand
I’ll love who you want me to love Lord
Even though I’m reluctant Lord
But I know Your love is greater Lord
And you teach me to love
You are my Lord
You are my God
You are my Saviour
You are my Friend
I’ll go where you want me to go Lord
You’re holding my hand
I’ll speak to who you want me to speak to Lord
Even though I may not have the words
I will pray for those you ask me to pray for
Because you’ve shared your power with me
Jesus, you are my Lord
Jesus, you are my God
Jesus, you are my Saviour
Jesus, you are my Friend
I’ll go where you want me to go
Because I know You’re holding my hand
You are my Lord
You are my Saviour
Jesus you are my Friend
My heart cries out to You
My heart just longs for You
Jesus You are my everything
What would life be without You
What would I do without You
Come and fill this life of mine
Jesus You are my all
In the darkness
In the light
In the good times and bad
In moments of joy
In moments of sadness
Jesus you are all I need
Jesus you are all I want
My heart cries out to You
My heart just longs for you
Jesus You are my everything
Who would I be without You
Who would I have besides You
Come and fill this life of mine
Jesus You are my all