God is in control even in times of sickness!

 About a year ago, I had noticed a lump on my breast. I monitored it for a few months, and when it did not go away, I went to the GP to have it checked. I had an ultrasound done, and we were told that it was probably just mastitis (an inflammation in the breast, that can manifest in a lump), so we were not that worried. I was given antibiotics for it, but the GP still referred me to the Breast Clinic, to be sure. A month ago, I got my schedule for the Clinic. I went for a check up, with the assumption that I would be sent home right away. But then after a few tests and procedures were done, I was diagnosed with a malignant tumour.

It came as quite a shock, and one of the first thoughts that I had was, “Lord, do you remember? I can’t get sick. My kids are too young, and Isia has special needs. Please Lord.” I struggled with this for a while, but God kept reminding us that He is in control. He knows us more than we know ourselves. And He loves our children even more than we love them. He will take care of my girls, my husband, and He will take care of me. He is the only source of real peace. Philippines 4:4-7


Everything after that, moved quite quickly. On my next check up, before the doctor told us the results of the biopsy, he questioned us, why we were so calm. And we were able to share that we had faith that God was in control. We then found out that the tumour was noninvasive, so the cancer was not strong enough yet to spread. Praise God!


The tumour though was quite large, so I would need to have a mastectomy. And the surgeon agreed to save as much of my skin as possible. However, right before my surgery, as they were preparing me for the operation, a part of my skin had some discharge. Because of the discharge, the surgeon had to change his strategy. I will not forget the moment he paused and looked at me. Because he then said that God was telling us that we would have to remove that part. And praise God! Because a week later, after we got all the biopsy results from the mass, the skin, and the lymph nodes, the only part where the cancer had started to spread, was the part that had had some discharge and was removed. Because that part was taken out and the good results of the the other tests, my doctor has confirmed that I do not need any follow up radiotherapy, or follow up medication. Glory to God, our loving Father. Psalm 139

 By Jade



Healing Testimony

We have a supernatural God!

Some months back, I asked an artist friend in Singapore to paint off a picture I had sent him from the internet. The picture turned out beautifully. As I have not met Kelvin, he hasn’t been able to pass the painting to me yet. Just three weeks ago, he sent me a message:

Today, someone asked me to pray for her mum as she was being rushed to hospital(to the emergency department). I heard Holy Spirit say, “Do not be anxious, just lay hands and I felt to send the picture of that pair of hands with a heart I drew for you to her. The picture went through two people’s whatsapp messages. The picture finally was laid on her and she got healed!

Heart in hands - to bring healing

Heart in hands - to bring healing

Below is the reply from that person:

Numbness suspect caused by the deafening of her ringing ear - breathing too quickly and too much oxygen in the lungs hence caused the numbness. My mom is now back home.  Blood test and x-ray all ok. Thank God and thanks for covering her in prayers!

Our God is supernatural. All we need to do is hear His voice and obey. In this case, a picture was used for a creative healing of a person.

 Psalm 40:5 TPT

O Lord, our God, no one can compare with you.

Such wonderful works and miracles are all found with you!

And you think of us all the time

with your countless expressions of love—

far exceeding our expectations!


From Angela Soh