A Job Offer After 2 Years of Unemployment-9/9/2018


I just want to thank God for his faithfulness and grace over our family. I’ve been a stay at home mum to 2 young girls ( 3 years and 17 months) since 2015. I had my eldest girl while I was at the end of my PhD at the University of Auckland. After graduating in April 2016, I never worked although I desired to. I chose to wait till my eldest turns 3 in July 2018. I then started actively applying for jobs particularly part time jobs due to my two young children. I knew being a SAHM was just a phase in my life and I believe God knows that. I was more selective in choosing jobs as I don’t want to come home from a 40 hour weekly job exhausted and not having the energy to cater to my family. Due to this, I chose to forego research jobs which I’ve been doing while I was in Malaysia due to its demanding nature. Since July, I had applied for 10 jobs but was only called to 1 for an interview with AUT (Auckland University of Technology) North shore campus. Prior to this job interview, there was another job that allows me to work from home which I thought had a good chance of getting. I failed the second test which shocked me. I was disappointed although I knew that job was not to be as I had a very uneasy feeling about working for them. More like I wasn’t proud to be associated with them. After this setback, we as a family (kids and Li Hsien) continued praying every night for job opportunities; specifically one that I enjoy doing while giving me the flexibility to be there for the children. Good news came in the form of AUT requesting for an interview scheduled for 14 August. No one knew that I was applying for jobs besides Li Hsien. God works in very weird and special ways. On the day I got the email from AUT about the interview, I received a call from Pastor. He called to ask if I had been actively applying for jobs which I did and told him about the upcoming interview. God wanted to let me know that He knows my desires and that now is the right time to go back to work. And that He would lead me to that one job that He has chosen and knows is right for me. This further gives our family the assurance and peace that we are going in the right direction. Christ before me, Christ behind me, I remind myself (Get Your Hopes Up by Josh Baldwin). Breakthrough came when the staffing manager of AUT called the next day that I have been hired for the job as postgraduate administrator at the School of Clinical Sciences. God is indeed faithful. If you need something or need a breakthrough, don’t be silent just cry out to Him. He’s waiting for you to just say it.