Healing Testimony

We have a supernatural God!

Some months back, I asked an artist friend in Singapore to paint off a picture I had sent him from the internet. The picture turned out beautifully. As I have not met Kelvin, he hasn’t been able to pass the painting to me yet. Just three weeks ago, he sent me a message:

Today, someone asked me to pray for her mum as she was being rushed to hospital(to the emergency department). I heard Holy Spirit say, “Do not be anxious, just lay hands and I felt to send the picture of that pair of hands with a heart I drew for you to her. The picture went through two people’s whatsapp messages. The picture finally was laid on her and she got healed!

Heart in hands - to bring healing

Heart in hands - to bring healing

Below is the reply from that person:

Numbness suspect caused by the deafening of her ringing ear - breathing too quickly and too much oxygen in the lungs hence caused the numbness. My mom is now back home.  Blood test and x-ray all ok. Thank God and thanks for covering her in prayers!

Our God is supernatural. All we need to do is hear His voice and obey. In this case, a picture was used for a creative healing of a person.

 Psalm 40:5 TPT

O Lord, our God, no one can compare with you.

Such wonderful works and miracles are all found with you!

And you think of us all the time

with your countless expressions of love—

far exceeding our expectations!


From Angela Soh